Announcing LGBTQ Week® returning for World Pride NYC and the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall

With all of the excitement coming to New York City in 2019 with World Pride and the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, we are pleased to announce that LGBT Week NYC will be held June 17-28, 2019, over a 2-week period, as an official partner of #WorldPride2019!

Stay tuned for our upcoming programming announcements. We look forward to continuing and expanding our partnerships with LGBTQ business organizations in NYC, including Rivendell Media, NGLCC, StartOut, Out Professionals, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, and more.

NOTE: The World Pride 2019 Parade and Festival are happening on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

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A must-attend series of conferences, symposia, workshops and events.

Held in New York City, the LGBTQ Business Capital,
LGBTQ Week® is all about connections.

How can you identify the best markets within LGBTQ to maximize ROI? Which mix of elements should be in your plans: Print ads? Websites? Mobile? Social? Influencers? Video? Sponsorships? How will you measure success? Who can you partner with to amplify your initiatives? We cover it all and much more with intriguing expert presentations and real-life case studies. Whether you are new to the LGBTQ market, or a long-time veteran, you can't afford to miss these comprehensive educational and networking programs.

The LGBTQ Community's First Open Source Series Conferences, Workshops and Seminars!

LGBTQ Week® is an "open source" mosaic of events and activities, produced and hosted by various LGBTQ-dedicated organizations. Focusing on two weeks in New York City during World Pride facilitates a synergy among the events and organizers that isn't otherwise available. In year's past, we've worked with the NGLCC to produce a 1/2-day workshop regarding certification and business tools for success, as well as a joint networking reception. We've also worked with the IGLTA to produce a 1/2-day LGBT Travel Symposium, oSTEM and Credit Suisse to produce an evening panel on Talent in Modern FinTech, StartOut and their LGBT Women's Business Event, and Out Professionals with their LGBT Tech mixer event. These events are cross-promoted to all the other LGBTQ Week events, expanding awareness and participation. We're happy to consider all content contributors! Please review our Partner Page here for more information, and please contact us here for details.

#LGBTWeekNYC events are produced by:

2019 Event Schedule

Week 1 - June 17-21, 2019

CMI's 12th Annual LGBTQ Marketing & Advertising Symposium
8 am - 6 pm at Google NYC
Don't miss this comprehensive research, advertising, marketing, and communications forum, helping you better understand and serve LGBTQ consumers.
Audience: Marketing, advertising, PR and communications executives of all industries who want to successfully reach diverse LGBTQ communities, and initiate or update effective strategies. Perfect for newbies and veterans alike!
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Rolodex Global Conference
Aon Headquarters, 1 Liberty St., New York
The Rolodex Global Conference aims to bring together members of Rolodex - primarily black gay professional men - to recognize and honor the role that they have played in influencing culture around the world.

Consisting of talks and discussions with thought leaders who are making a difference, the conference intends to create opportunities for deep conversation about the role we will play in shaping the future socially, professionally, and culturally.
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Week 2 - June 24-28, 2018

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Good As We Are - LGBTQ Health & Wellness
How the Health & Wellness economy is impacting the LGBTQ lifestyle and business market

11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Hotel on Rivington, 107 Rivington St., New York, NY

GAWA Join GAWA (Good As We Are) LGBTQ wellness publication on its official launch panel/workout where we'll sweat together and discuss the impact of health & wellness across the LGBTQ community.

Join us for a rooftop morning workout followed by an open panel of LGBTQ & ally influencers within the market.

In the spirit of pride, we'll get deep and discuss how brands can see and find the relevance to talk directly to the LGBTQ community seeking curated health & wellness products and services.
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LGBTQ New Media Summit: Symposium on the Blending of LGBTQ PR, Advertising, Social Media & Influencers
8:30 am - 11:30 am
Film Center Amphitheater at Lincoln Center, 144 West 65th Street, New York, NY

With the continual convergence and evolution of what were once independent silos of PR, Marketing and Advertising, along with the rise of social media and influencers, we'll be showcasing a variety of presentations and panels illustrating and highlighting some of the ways in which organizations large and small have been adapting and succeeding in this new marketing environment, crafting coordinated, multi-channel campaigns that reach a specific hyper-targeted audiences.

As storytelling becomes increasingly integrated across the marketing mix, how different areas of marketing work together will become the foundation of our various panels, presentations and discussions.
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1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Film Center Amphitheater at Lincoln Center, 144 West 65th Street, New York, NY

Debuting a new program designed for brands, advertising agencies, media planners & buyers, and anyone interested in learning about some of the latest in LGBTQ marketing opportunities from cutting-edge companies including #ILoveGay, Glitterbomb, Slay TV & Revry.TV. We'll also be including LGBTQ influencer presentations as well.

Designed as a series of fast-paced, 15-minute dynamic presentations on some of the latest trends & new opportunities in the LGBTQ media world... including new content, new talent & new capabilities for brands to consider partnering with when they are planning their strategies to reach their target LGBTQ demographic.
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The Spiired Leader® -- How To Lead (and Thrive) In Any Economy
9 am to 1 pm
Film Center Amphitheater at Lincoln Center, 144 West 65th Street, New York, NY

The world is craving a new type of leader - people with real, relatable stories and the courage to live and lead with a clear sense of purpose. Success is now measured more by relevance than resume. Authenticity and honest relationships are valued as a foundation for personal and professional fulfillment. Are you the type of leader who embodies these qualities?

This unique, multisensory learning experience, led by Spiire thought leaders, was designed for industry leaders who strive to master the skills of authentic, inclusive, and innovative leadership for healthy, balanced and purpose-driven results.
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