May 18, 2017
10:40 AM
11:00 AM


Matt Martin - OnlyMattMartinPR
Matt Martin



Twitter TakeOver - What Is It and How Is It Done?
Identifying Brand Influencer for Brand

  • Tips on engagement and following tactics
  • Research tactics on seeing legitimacy

Reaching Out To Potential Brand Influencer

  • How to Reach
  • Pitch Strategies
  • Negotiations

Creating a Social Media Influencer Event

  • How to incorporate influencer within your brand message
  • How influencer can bring conversion
  • Purpose of influencer and establishing mutual goals
  • Event breakdown/Drawing clear objectives

Pre-Event Publicity Strategies

  • Tips on Promotional Materials
  • Press/Media Coverage
  • Vlog/Blog/Social Media Platforms Scheduled Posts
  • Hashtag Creation tips and tricks

Event Structure
Post Event Wrap Up

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