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Agenda Schedule - May 15, 2017






May 15, 2017
01:30 PM
04:30 PM


James Felton Keith - Slay TV
James Felton Keith

Slay TV


Slay TV a Queer Media Up-Front
Noticing the importance for diversity in media, Slay. has combined the business models of TV production with media buying and software application to create a one stop shop of Queer content. With over 5000 hours of internet TV, our early focus is on People of Color. Join LGBT Week NYC in one of NYC’s coolest neighborhoods for an Up-Front of new series and content coming to Slay TV and a panel about how to drive traffic and profits for a new generation of film makers.

Media Center

  - 1-hour networking reception
  - 1-hour Web Series Up-Front
       [scripted, unscripted, documentaries, music]
  - 1-hour Team panel & Q&A

Panelists/Additional Speakers for this Presentation
Sean Torrington - Slay TV
Sean Torrington

Founder & CEO
Slay TV
Terry Torrington - Slay TV
Terry Torrington

Slay TV
Andy Tarradath - Slay TV
Andy Tarradath

Chief Operations Officer
Slay TV
Wael Morcos - Slay TV
Wael Morcos

Chief Design Officer
Slay TV
Jonathan Key - Slay TV
Jonathan Key

Chief Design Officer
Slay TV